Super Sunday Phone-a-thon Answer the call   

by  Amit Tzur-Tal, KH-UIA emissary in Melbourne  on  03/12/2012 
As our 2012 campaign draws to an end, United Israel Appeal traditionally holds various ‘mop up’ sessions to finalise the outstanding pledges for the appeal.
Thanks to all the students from the Jewish Day Schools who participated in United Israel Appeal's Super Sunday Phone-a-thon. Kol Hakavod for your dedication and love for Israel
On Sunday 28 October, we held a Super Sunday phone-a-thon – this was a day where we reached out to the community for their wholehearted support of our vital projects which support Israel’s most vulnerable communities ranging from new immigrants to youth-at-risk and the elderly.
UIA worked very hard to secure the involvement of the students from the Jewish Day Schools as part of their community service requirements. We were overwhelmed by the youth involvement together with our many dedicated volunteers across all of our divisions on the day.

Much preparation went into this day. Various reports were explored to try and trace back people who hadn’t contributed to the campaign for several years as a means for getting them back on board. This was an extremely worthwhile exercise and one which will be employed in all campaigns from here on in.

Approximately 60 volunteers from the schools and across all the divisions came together in support of Israel. It was a highly enjoyable with much funds being raised. Thanks to our sponsors who generously donated great prizes for the day which people were excited to win throughout the day.
We held 2 educational workshops with the students prior to them canvassing in order to give them a deeper understanding of what UIA does in Israel and why we are raising money. This led into a canvassing training session which prepared them to take on the phones.
One thing that stood out from the day was that a mother and daughter came in together. It was the daughter’s bat-mitzvah year and she was determined to do some volunteer work. Her mum sat with her as she rang various people and assisted her throughout. It was wonderful to see their bond and the values of tzedakah being instilled in this young lady.



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