Christian Book and Israeli Culture Exhibition – In Taipei    

on  19/11/2012 
This autumn in Taipei, the sky is still blue, but with a twist of the taste of Israel than you could ever found before here in the hustle and bustle metropolitan city.


It has been a huge success from the first day of 2012 Joint Christian Book and Israeli Culture Exhibition in B2 Shin Ji building, Xin Yi area Taipei. From 10/25 till 10/30, a week long Israeli culture exhibition with flying Israel flags on the building and a giant standing billboard outside might just gives you a dejavu of walking down some Israel street.

​The annual Joint Christian Book Exhibition, held by Chinese Christian Literature Association(CCLA), has something different to offer this year. The president of CCLA, Timothy Cheng, also the CEO of Christian Tribune Newspaper is the backstage driving force for making this “Mission Impossible” into reality. Aside from Christian book booths, there are Torah(Book of the books), the Wailing Wall, Shofars, Israel wine and travel...etc. to take people into a closer look on this country, also bring out many faces of Israel.

Outside the Christian Book Exhibition , the Israeli flag! ​  Outside the Christian Book Exhibition, the Israeli flag!
 In the past, people simply picture Israel as the ancient land constantly been involved with wars, but here at the Exhibition, many are surprised to see that Israel is a nation for start-up company and a country with divers looks. The Exhibition is a success and has attracted more than just locals, some are even from other Asian countries.


Keren Hayesod-UIA Taiwan is also here to share the vision and mission of helping the diaspora Jews back to Israel.
On 10/27 night, Keren Hayesod-UIA Taiwan represents a lecture on the “Aliyah” subject. Speakers include Maayan Navon (KH-UIA Asia representative), Anna Shen (Chairwoman of KH-UIA Taiwan), Andrew Chang (Vice Chairman of KH-UIA Taiwan), and Assaf Tahar (Israeli student in Taipei), To most Christians in Taiwan, this is their first time to know KH-UIA, more and more of them come to the awareness of their roots in belief with the destiny of Israel, but to hear the news of Ethiopia Jews coming back to the promised land as it's promised by God in the Bible, their hearts feel connected with Israel and Jewish people in a way above human words could easily put to describe.
Dancing "hora" (Israeli folk dance)
"So it's for real that the Dan tribe is black Jews and coming back to the promised land? How incredible is our God!! " Say many Christians after listening KH lecture and visit KH booth. Very often the conversation leads to how Christians can be part of KH mission to witness and be part of the fulfilling of this prophecy. Some request KH special project trip in Israel, others ask for further information for future support force whether in prayer or donation.
On the fourth day, under the theme of “An afternoon date with Israel”, an event filled with worship, Israel dancing, speech of Simona Halperin from ISECO, Rabbi Shlomi, Timothy Cheng (President of CCLA), Pastor Daniel Paiyi Chuang (The leading Pastor on the Israel subject in Taiwan), Elder Andrew Chang, and shofar blowing to take the whole event to the climax. All attendees feel connected to the Promised land, physically and spiritually, like a voice from our Father to call all His Children back Home, Israel.

Maayan Navon, Anna Shen, Timothy Cheng and Andrew Chang in the " Western Wall"

It is not hard to see that Israel is God's banner to the world to show His righteousness and perfect love. Lots of Christians here in Taiwan, they pray for Israel's priesthood identity and start to learn how to stand with Israel and the Jewish people through actions, more to be added than that, this 2012 Joint Christian Books Exhibition unifies all the different Christian denominations in Taiwan under the theme of “Israel” !


For such Exhibition like this, surely is the first breakthrough but will not be the last. 



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