KH-UIA at the Toronto Solidarity Rally for South   

on  21/11/2012 
The Solidarity Rally was held in Toronto, Monday Nov 19th. The rally was attended, physically and online, by 5,000 people.

The speakers in Toronto included (in the following order) Morris Perlis, Rabbi Howard Morrison, Consul General D.J. Schneeweiss, Member of Parliament Mark Adler, Member of Cabinet The Honorable James Moore, Liz Wolfe, Jessica Cherkasov, Theo Caldwell, Rabbi Korobkin, and David Frum.

The speakers in the live satellite feed from Tel Aviv were: 

  • Julie Koschitzky, who spoke about the strong connection between the Canadian communities and Israel and that the support from these communities does not go unnoticed, and the fact that Israel and the Diaspora draw strength from each other.
  • Yohanna Arbib-Perugia, who spoke about the 55 KH campaigns around the world who have responded to the call and urgent needs of Israel, the $1.5 million already donated by our supporters,  and thanked the UJA Federation for their ongoing support and especially in times of need such as this.
  • The Toronto Solidarity Mission participants who introduced themselves.
  • Lt Col. Avital Leibovich who gave an update on behalf of the IDF. 
  • Orit and Omer Zadikevich and their four children, who had to evacuate their home in Kfar Aza, 3 km from the border, due to heavy rocket fire.



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