A Warm Message from the cold North   

on  12/12/2012 
Patmos Finland supports Keren Hayesod

​Patmos World foundation, a long years partner of KH-Finland, completed on the night of Nov. 25th a four-hour fund raising marathon over the Internet and their own Radio station.

Dan Ashbal, the Israeli Ambassador and  Mr. Leo Dan Bensky, Chairman of KH-Finland were intervied during the programs with Yankele Snir, KH liaison to Patmos for the past ten years.

The movement supports Aliah to Israel strongly, and has been supporter of many projects in Israel.

Pirkko Saila, the director of Patmos reported that over 1300 gifts were recieved during the marathon, noting that this number was way beyond her wildest expectations.
Keren Hayesod sends thanks to Patmos and their donors – may G-d bless them all for standing firm by us!


Leo Dan Bensky, Chairman, KH Finland in a message to our friends at Patmos


An appeal to donate for aliyah and Integration of Falashmura at IBIM.


The Volunteers answer calls for donations. (Over a thousand calls recieved)!

The leadership of Patmos in the TV studio: on the left, Mrs. Pirkko Saila - Director General of Patmos. On extreme right, Mr. Leo Meller, Former Patmos Chairman.


Yankele Snir, KH representative during TV interview




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