Project Impact   

on  07/01/2013 
UIA NSW Begins New Initiative:PROJECT IMPACT - A Project for Educational Excellence throughout Israel.

Masua Elementary School, Kiryat Gat

The NSW UIA Campaign in Australia approached Keren Hayesod last year with an idea to create a new initiative in schools throughout Israel.
The campaign wanted to invest in strengthening and developing education in schools in Israel’s periphery in the belief that education is essential for individuals to integrate and get ahead in society as well as for shaping society in the future.

Nadav Shalom, student at Masua Elementary School

After much planning and preparation, the initiative, called PROJECT IMPACT, was launched in November 2012. The Masua state religious school in Kiryat Gat was chosen for the programme's first pilot. 
The Masua Elementary School, headed by principal, Ms. Sima Ben-Baruch, is the largest religious state elementary school in the city and has 430 students from a wide range of religious and socio-economic backgrounds. Despite its growth in numbers, the Masua School is constantly working to provide students with a high quality education and enrichment activities that will enable each and every child to reach their potential. This is not an easy task given the fact that the school is located in the center of a project renewal neighbourhood where many children come from immigrant families, who have poor socio-economic backgrounds. These families and their children often require extra guidance and support which the school’s dedicated team of professionals strives to provide.
Tahel Fahima, student at Masua Elementary School.
PROJECT IMPACT will provide the children with social, scholastic and cultural programmes that will promote children’s development, measurably improve scholastic achievements, and instill in them a sense of pride and self-esteem. The programme will also implement physical improvements at the Masua School.
Tair Skira, student at Masua Elementary School
PROJECT IMPACT has gotten off to a great start!
Many people are involved in and it is a truly a great collaboration between:
The Masua School, the Kiryat Gat Municipality, the Education Department, Keren Hayesod and the Jewish Agency for Israel.
Osnat Ivgie and her son Sagi, a student at the Masuah Elementary School
The programme is in full swing - the teachers feel like there "is a feeling of something new in the air", the parents feel blessed that this school was chosen as the pilot project, and of course the students are already benefiting the most - by being able to take part in many activities that they normally would not be accessible to them.
Sima Ben-Baruch, Principal, Masua Elementary School
Working in close cooperation with the Jewish Agency and the Youth Futures Programme, PROJECT IMPACT will strive to provide the chosen schools with the conditions, resources and tools required to examine, shape and advance the school’s daily agenda independently.
The programme is part of a pilot initiative, in hopes of being expanded nationwide.

The children enjoying a break outdoors in the school yard



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