PM & Mrs. Netanyahu host KH-supported "Rachashei Lev" young cancer patients for PURIM   

by  Shifra Paikin  on  20/02/2013 
On Tuesday evening, 20 February 2013, in honor of the approaching festival of Purim, Prime Minister and Mrs. Binyamin Netanyahu and their son Yair hosted young cancer patients at the office the Prime Minister. Every year for Purim, the Prime Minister and his wife traditionally meet with sick children, in cooperation with various organizations

​The meeting on Tuesday was held in conjunction with Rachashei Lev. The organization runs a support center for children with cancer, as well as a network of volunteers in the oncology departments of hospitals across the country, who provide support for the children and their parents through various activities.

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At the meeting, performing artist Yaniv Hamagniv appeared and singer Yishai Lapidot sang holiday songs with the youngsters.  The Prime Minister and his wife greeted the children and gave them Mishlochei Manot in honor of the holiday. 
The representative of the children, Dor Rubinstein, gave the Prime Minister and his wife Mishlochei Manot and said to them: "It is not easy to be a hero in the war against cancer, but beautiful moments of joy and high points, like the meeting with the Prime Minister and his wife, plant a kernel of joy and hope in our hearts, and give us the strength to go on smiling and to keep fighting. We thank the Prime Minister and his wife for making a dream come true”. 
"The most important thing when fighting”, the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the children, “is faith, and if have faith, you will, with God's help, overcome.  We love you and pray for your health, as you must also do."
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Directing his remarks to the counselors and therapists, the Prime Minister said: "I take my hat off to you;  you are doing a great mitzvah."

"I wish you with much health”, said the Prime Minister's wife, Sarah Netanyahu.  “We all need to have faith, and through the power of faith, you will conquer the disease.  I wish you all that we meet in happier days when you are healthy."

Among the children was  13 year-old Mika Lipsker,  who has a special bond with Mrs. Netanyahu. The two first met when the Prime Minister's wife  visited the Sheba Medical Center - Tel Hashomer and Mika gave her a tour of the oncology department. Mrs. Netanyahu stayed in touch with Mika and they met once again on Tuesday evening. 

In addition, about a year ago, the Prime Minister met Emily, a young cancer patient, in the Knesset.  She had asked to meet with the Prime Minister and even told him that she wants to be Prime Minister when she grows up.   Emily met the Prime Minister once again on Tuesday and wished him success and a happy Purim. 

Through Keren Hayesod, Panama’s Shevet Achim Congregation donated synagogue for children with cancer to Rachashei Lev at Tel Hashomer Hospital
The Shevet Achim Congregation of Panama became deeply involved with Rachashei Lev at Sheba Medical Center - Tel Hashomer.  Through Keren Hayesod, they donated a beautiful, completely furnished and equipped synagogue to the hospital’s Beit Hayeled Home for Children with Cancer, including an elegant Holy Ark, comfortable benches and other synagogue furnishings, as well as a Torah scroll, prayerbooks, Bibles, and more. For the young cancer patients and their families, the synagogue is a place of haven, prayer and comfort.  May the donors be blessed for their contribution



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