New holocaust museum dedicated to mark international holocaust remembrance day   

on  27/01/2017 
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Significant donation by KH-UIA donors

A ceremony was held earlier today at the Warm Home for Holocaust Survivors in the city of Haifa, to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

A new museum, with artifacts from the Holocaust, including tefilin and artwork, interviews with survivors, was dedicated. Kaddish (the Mourners’ Prayer) and El Maleh Rachamim were recited. Shoshana Rosner, (99), an Auschwitz survivor, lit a memorial torch and displayed the number tattooed on her arm.
holocaust museum1.jpg
99 year old Holocaust survivor Shoshana Rosner lighting the memorial torch and displays her tattooed number, with Shimon Sabag and David Parsons.
Keren Hayesod-UIA donors gave a significant donation to benefit the museum and the home, where some 100 Holocaust survivors live. Other donors included the International Christian Embassy located in Jerusalem, and companies. The Yad Ezer La-Haver, which operates the Warm Home, delivers, with the help of 2,500 volunteers, warm meals to 5,000 survivors who have difficulty functioning on their own. “We shall always remember Keren Hayesod donors, who don’t forget the Holocaust survivors”, said Shimon Sabag, Yad Ezer Director. “We thank you for all you do for the survivors and for supporting this museum to perpetuate the memory of the Shoah”.
holocaust museum2.jpg
David Parsons, representative of the International Christian Embassy, said: “On this day, we need to remind everybody to take seriously the anti-Semitic threats. If the European Union took seriously the command to “remember Amalek”, they would adopt a different attitude to all the threats to the Jewish people and the State of Israel”.
Ayoob Kara, Minister at PM's Office, from, the Druze village of Daliat el-Carmel, recalled how a childless couple of Holocaust survivors from Poland, Ernest and Rosa Gold, who came to Israel with nothing, arrived at the home of his grandfather, a Keren Hayesod representative. “We became their family. This clearly demonstrates the bond between Israel and the survivors; thanks to you we have the kind of state that we have today”.
holocaust museum4.jpg
Ayoob Kara, Minister at PM's Office.
Deputy Minister Yaron Mazuz stated that it is our responsibility to perpetuate the memory of the Shoah. “To the accursed Holocaust deniers, I say: You will not defeat us”! He emphasized that we must help survivors and noted that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu provided budgets and resources for projects to benefit survivors.
holocaust museum3.jpg
Mordechai Lieber, a Holocaust survivor, spoke about what he went through as a child: After his family was thrown out of their home, he tried to return, but two non-Jewish couples who had occupied the house, chased him away.
“The KH-UIA donors are doing a fantastic thing in helping the survivors and helping to perpetuate the memory of the Shoah”, concluded Shimon Sabag.

Photo: Lior Daskal


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