KH Geneva Chairman presents the children of Netivot with a brand-new educational playground    

on  19/06/2009 

Jo Benhamou adresses the audience 

At a heartwarming ceremony held in Netivot, in the western Negev, on June 15th, KH Geneva Chairman Joseph (Jo) Benhamou inaugurated the educational playground he and his wife Viviane - who also attended the event - gave to the children of this town. Founded in1956, Netivot today is home to 26,000 inhabitants.

Attending the ceremony were Mayor Yechiel Zohar, KH-UIA World Chairman Amb. Avi Pazner, Chairman of KH French-speaking Switzerland, Gabriel Katri, Yankele Snir, Director of KH Europe's Department, and many others.   Also present were residents of Netivot.  The children gave a short singing performance in honour of the donors and their guests. Keren Hayesod has donated numerous projects to Netivot, with which it maintains a close relationship.  KH has stood by Netivot in good times and in bad, such as a few months ago, when Kassam missiles from the Gaza Strip caused severe damage and destruction in the city.

 Mayor Zohar and Amb. Pazner warmly thanked the donors for their generosity. Joseph Benhamou, speaking alternatively in French and Hebrew, then took the floor and said:  

I'm very happy to personally be involved here in Netivot, a town I consider my own.  I know its spectacular development since the seventies, when I visited it for the first time, when it was only a village.  Moreover, I have a particularly special relationship with it, because my parents, of blessed memory, chose Netivot as their eternal resting place. Israel is a modern miracle for all Israelis and all Diaspora Jews; it is a model for the entire world.  Today I feel joy and pride to be able to make a small contribution to the efforts that have been  invested in the education, joy and happiness of the children of Netivot. [See full speech in French.]

After the official part of the ceremony, the ribbon was cut, the plaque was unveiled and the children ran enthusiastically to the playground, where they joyfully cavorted.Le maire de Netivot, Ye'hiel Zohar, remet un cadeau à Jo Benhamou

The Mayor of Netivot, Yechiel Zohar, presents a gift to Jo Benhamou

La chorale des enfants de Netivot 

The Netivot children’s choir 

Viviane Benhamou coupe le ruban, sous le regard (de gauche à droite) du maire Ye'hiel Zohar, de l'Amb. Avi Pazner et de Yaakov M 

Viviane Benhamou cuts the ribbon, as Mayor Yechiel Zohar, Amb. Avi Pazner and MC Yaakov Moreno (from left to right) look on

 La plaque est dévoilée
The plaque is unveiled. From left to right: Viviane et Jo Benhamou, Avi Pazner and Yechiel Zohar 
Les enfants de Netivot entourent les invités

The children of Netivot gather around the guests

Les enfants ont conquis le terrain!

The children don’t waste any time!









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