Gertner Fund from Austria gives Sderot children a new playground    

on  15/10/2009 

On a quiet sunny day in Sderot, a new Keren Hayesod Educational Playground was dedicated, thanks to a donation from the Gertner Fund from Austria.

Jacob Snir, Director for Europe at Keren Hayesod – UIA, opened the ceremony with a warm welcome to all those present, including Mrs. Rudolfine Steindling, co-chairwoman of Keren Hayesod - Austria, Mr. David Buskila, Mayor of Sderot, Mr. Avi Suliman, of the Israel Association of Community Centers, representatives of Keren Hayesod – UIA, local council members, and the children and teachers of the Alon kindergarten in Sderot. He spoke about the long-standing relationship between Keren Hayesod and Sderot and offered his best wishes on the occasion of the opening of the new playground, one of 60 playgrounds to be built in honor of Israel's 60th year.

Jacob Snir's warm welcome was followed by a heartwarming performance by the Tze'irei Sderot, a singing group of teenagers, which has performed in Keren Hayesod events around the world.

Tze'irei Sderot singing group
Tze'irei Sderot singing group

Mayor Buskila enthusiastically welcomed Ambassador Avi Pazner, World Chairman of Keren Hayesod – UIA, Mrs. Steindling, the KH representatives, and all those present and thanked KH Campaigns around the world for donating to the city.  He spoke about the hardships the residents of Sderot have had to endure over the past eight years - simply because they are Israeli.

The mayor noted how around the world, children’s first word is “Mom” or “Dad,” while in Sderot, children first say: tzeva adom (color red) – the alarm signaling that a missile will hit in 15 seconds. The Mayor concluded by expressing the hope that the children present would grow up differently, in peace, and would be able to raise their own children in peace.

Ambassador Pazner complimented Mayor Buskila, Avi Suliman, and the council members for their wonderful work, making Sderot the best managed city in Israel – despite the most difficult conditions. Ambassador Pazner spoke about previous visits, which took place during missile attacks, and of Keren Hayesod's continuing support for the city. He then praised Mrs. Steindling for her wonderful work for Keren Hayesod and thanked her for the donation of the playground.

Mrs. Rudolfine Steindling      Ambassador Avi Pazner                      














   Mrs. Rudolfine Steindling                                         Ambassador Avi Pazner

Mrs. Steindling spoke about her love for Israel and how much at home she feels in the country. She apologized that this was her first time in Sderot - but promised that it wouldn't be her last. She then noted that the wonderful work done by Keren Hayesod – UIA inspired her to do the most she could.  Mrs. Steindling proceeded to talk about the Gertner family and her great respect for the late Danny Gertner who managed the Gertner Fund until his death, and expressed her hope that the gift of a playground by the Gertner Fund would be followed by more donations in the future.

Jacob Snir expressed thanks to the Tze'irei Sderot and their musical manger, Noam Shlomo, for their moving performance, and to the children from the Alon kindergarten children, who sang and presented flowers to Mrs. Steindling, Ambassador Pazner, and Mayor Buskila.

Mayor Buskila, Mrs. Steindling and Ambassador Pazner   The Gertner Fund KH Playground plaque
Mayor Buskila, Mrs. Steindling and Ambassador Pazner     The Gertner Fund KH Playground plaque    
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After the ribbon cutting by Mrs. Steindling, the kids had a wonderful time playing in their new playground


 Keren Hayesod playground - Sderot      Keren Hayesod playground - Sderot
The children of Sderot enjoying their new playground


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