Netanyahu to Young KH-UIA Leadership: "Stick to your truth"    

on  01/07/2013 
The PM spoke of the Arab Spring, saying Israel is a strong and stable island in the region.

​PM Netanyahu met with KH-UIA Leaders and donors during the 2013 Annual Conference and thanked them for supporting Israel and for their devotion. "Your support is very important and I want to thank you for your tremendous work on behalf of Israel every day. 

"We see the Arab Spring and when you look at Israel you see a strong and stable island”,said Netanyahu.

Regarding the investment in Israel's security and economic stability, the PM said, “Unlike many other countries, we have practically no natural resources, but we do have brainpower – and we must invest in it." He mentioned Waze Company, saying it is an original Israeli application, pointing to it as an example of Israel's important resources that should be cultivated. 

PM Netanyahu turned to the representatives of Keren Hayesod-UIA’s Young Leadership in the group and addressed the leadership issue. "Stick to your beliefs” he said. "Be proud of yourselves and your truth.  Leaders are not needed in order to make easy decisions; you must be prepared to be unpopular if that is the dictate of the hour”.   

photo by: Avi Chayun



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