Holocaust Remembrance Day   

on  10/04/2018 
Tags: Holocaust survivors
From the Ashes of the Holocaust to Independence

​Dark clouds blackened Europe as Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime released fiendish demons, sinking the continent into the deepest abyss. "The Final Solution" culminated in death camps across Europe. Six million Jews were brutally slaughtered by gun fire, by gas, by starvation and by disease.
One hell was constructed near the city of Sobibor in Poland. 250,000 Jewish men, women and children were systematically murdered there.
On October 14, 1943 a group of heroic Jews rose up. They killed SS officers and guards and burned the camp down. Very few survived that night. One of them, Siemion Rosenfeld, managed to come to Israel and lived at Amigour housing in Tel Aviv.
On this the-eve-of Holocaust Remembrance Day we share his story with you.



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