The new Net@ community knowledge center in the city of Ramla   

on  20/07/2017 
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New KH-Supported Net@ Technological Hub In The City of Ramla

​The new Net@ community knowledge center in the city of Ramla is nearly ready. In just a few months, it will open its doors to the 4,000 graduates of the program and to 1,700 children from across the country who will study there. The project is expected to have a dramatic impact on the entire way of life in Ramla.

The technological hub is housed in an old Ottoman-era building that served as a headquarters of the British Mandatory authorities and later fell into neglect over many years. Keren Hayesod-UIA donors took it upon themselves to convert it into a campus and a technological hub fostering various initiatives and assisting future start-ups. Thanks to Keren Hayesod donors and the Ramla Municipality, the total renovation of the building was made possible.

The renovated building will feature a new wing and the campus will become the headquarters of the Keren Hayesod-supported Net@ program. A number of leading companies and important economic, educational and technological institutions will be partners to the initiative which is expected to propel the educational system in Ramla forward and to attract startups from all over the country, boosting the standing of the city in a range of ways.
The complex will become a magnet for Jewish and Arab students from across Israel, who will find a storehouse of valuable resources there, providing them knowledge and support.



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