​“In Basel, I founded the Jewish State"   

on  28/08/2017 
The 120th Anniversary of the First Zionist Congress

Tuesday, August 29, marks 120 years to the day since the convening by Theodor Herzl, the father of modern Zionism, of the First Zionist Congress in 1897 in Basel, Switzerland. The congress marked the beginning of a process that culminated in the creation of the State of Israel and led to all of its accomplishments since. At the congress, Herzl laid out his vision and the principles of the Zionist movement, which paved the way for the political and practical efforts that were necessary to make the Jewish state a reality.

One of the major developments along the way was the creation in 1920 of Keren Hayesod, which was entrusted to raise the funds necessary to bring the vision of the Zionist movement to fruition. With the help of donors from around the world, Keren Hayesod set out to provide the resources necessary to develop the physical, economic and social infrastructure that the state would need and to receive waves of new immigrants. It’s an effort that continues to this day.

Keren Hayesod’s Marketing Communications Division is presents this video clip, revisiting the site of the First Zionist Congress in Basel and recalling all of the monumental accomplishments since.
A few days after the congress, Herzl wrote in his diary:
“In Basel, I founded the Jewish State. If I said this out loud today, I would be greeted by universal laughter. In five years perhaps, and certainly in fifty years, everyone will perceive it.”
Fifty years after Herzl wrote these words, the United Nations voted for the establishment of the Jewish state, which came into existence the following year.



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