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on  20/02/2018 
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Inauguration of a national technology hub
Appleseeds Academy, which runs the Net@ program, celebrated the realization of a dream in the city of Ramlah with the inauguration of a national technology hub for graduates of their programs, including Net@.
The New Technology Hub for Net@ .jpg
The project was made possible by major funding from Keren Hayesod donors including Andrew Boyarsky and a group of donors from Cape Town South Africa.
Dafna Gaber Lifshitz CEO Appleseeds Academy.jpg

Dafna Gaber Lifshitz, CEO Appleseeds Academy.

The new center represents Israel in a nutshell – old and new: a preservation of an historic building in an ancient city, that with the addition of a modern new wing, will now provide educational facilities and an innovation center for young entrepreneurs from Israel's periphery.
NET@ TEAM2.jpg
NET@ TEAM: (L.) Lilian Abu Sharb (R.) Nida Azbarga.
NET@ TEAM (L.) Shai Kidishman, (R.) Omar Alayan.
Dafna Gaber Lifshitz, the CEO of Appleseeds Academy thanked the Keren Hayesod donors for creating this important and unique center in the city of Ramlah, and said: "when I see here the many graduates of the Net@ program in Ramlah, whom I frist met as young teenager years ago – I can only imagine what a great impact this center will have on so many more young promising people from this city and all of Israel."
neta ramla -the group.jpg

Photos: Avi Hayun, for Keren Hayesod-UIA


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