73rd anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany   

on  09/05/2018 
We visited the memorial to the Red Army soldiers

​Russia conducts its annual parade in Moscow marking the victory over the Nazi Germany. This year, for the first time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to take part in this very important event.
We visited the memorial to the Red Army soldiers, many of whom were Jewish, who died in the fight to rid the world of the Nazi monstrosity.
This memorial on Israel's Mediterranean coast in the city of Netanya was founded by Keren Hayesod donors.
The memorial was dedicated in 2012 in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Israeli President Shimon Peres, members of the Israeli cabinet, decorated veterans of the war and the leadership of Keren Hayesod-UIA.
The city of Netanya was chosen for the memorial due to the large number of Russian Jewish immigrants who live in the city.
Ronni Vinnikov, the deputy director of Keren Hayesod’s Eastern Region, recounts the story of the Netanya war memorial and Keren Hayesod’s involvement.



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