The Faces of Keren Hayesod
​We are happy to introduce to you a new series: "The Faces of Keren Hayesod", in which we will introduce to you the people behind the projects you support.

We met Adnan in the Druze village Julis, where he directs a Gap-year program for a joint group of Druze and Jewish young people, helping them to explore their individual identities and cultivate their ability to work together:


Jacob Snir served as Keren Hayesod-UIA representative in Berlin and Scandinavia until June 2015:


Micha Feldman, Formerly head of the Jewish Agency delegation to Ethiopia and Israeli Consul in Ethiopia:



Aliyah is the lifeblood of the State of Israel and the Jewish people :

Yehuda Scharf,  Director of the Aliyah and Absorption at the Jewish Agency:


Yaara Leitner, Professional Supervisor KH-UIA-supported Youth Futures program, shares with us her sense of mission and responsibility towards the children in the program:




Tali Ploskov, an Olah from Moldova, shares with us the story of her absorption in Israel, from a chambermaid in a Dead Sea hotel to Mayor of Arad:




Alon Schuster, Mayor of the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council:

Danny Gliksberg, the Co-Founder of Ayalim, the association which establishes student villages in the Negev and the Galil: