Ayalim - Student Settlements in the Periphery



Bringing the Centre to the Periphery

The Negev and Galilee comprise 70% of Israel’s territory, yet are home to only 30% of its population, and produce only 8% of its economic output.
Residents of the periphery, among them large numbers of disadvantaged populations including new immigrants, are cut off from the economic, cultural, and educational opportunities that are available in the centre of the country. The widening socio-economic gap poses serious threats to the country’s future.
The Ayalim Association was established in 2002, as part of a national strategy supported by the Government of Israel, to settle the Negev and the Galilee. And indeed, this new model of settlement that combines vision with action is bringing about a social revolution in Israel!
Inspired by the pioneering spirit of Israel’s founders, Ayalim promotes the physical and social development of the Negev and the Galilee, regions designated as National Priority Areas. Over 1,000 idealistic young adults live in 11 Ayalim student villages in the Negev and the Galilee, where they serve as agents of change for strengthening distressed areas, both in periphery towns and inner cities.
In return for housing and academic scholarships, each student volunteers 250 hours of community work a year, working mainly with children, but also with teenagers, new immigrants, the elderly, and other vulnerable populations. Tailoring their work to the specific needs of the community, the students provide tutoring and homework assistance to children, run enrichment centres for children, and also renovate buildings and clean bomb shelters. Depending on their own backgrounds and areas of expertise, the students give lessons in subjects ranging from art, dance, and drama, to English, organic gardening, and nutrition. The social, cultural, and educational projects that are initiated empower the residents, beautify the community, and enhance the level of services. Ayalim has spearheaded real change in the periphery, and is helping to strengthen Israel as a whole.

Re-energizing the Zionist Spirit

As they become attached to the communities in which they are living, many Ayalim graduates choose to make their permanent homes in the Negev and the Galilee, where they can continue their work of building and their social activism. Seven groups of alumni are presently finalizing plans to permanently settle in the periphery as cohesive groups where they will generate new employment opportunities and services for the benefit of the local population.


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