Sulamot - Music for Social Change

In Cooperation with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra


Sulamot, meaning both a ladder and a musical scale in Hebrew, is an innovative and inspiring music education programme for children at risk. The learning process in Sulamot is based on the experience of playing in ensembles: group learning and practice, frequent performances, as well as consistent individual attention within and beyond the group setting. A unique aspect of Sulamot is the collaboration between the programme’s teachers and IDF’s Unit for Outstanding Musicians, in which soldiers practice regularly with the children.

Sulamot focuses primarily on children with the least resources and the greatest need. By establishing youth orchestras in disadvantaged areas throughout Israel, we believe that Sulamot will help to inculcate values in the children and develop their musical skills.

The work of an orchestra promotes the development of communication skills, as well as fostering values such as self-esteem, tolerance, discipline, leadership, responsibility, teamwork, persistence and work ethic. The programme will also instil in the families of the children a feeling of motivation, pride, belonging and hope. Within approximately three months from their first encounter with the instrument, the young children reach the level necessary to play in an orchestra.

To date more than 1000 children are playing in 18 Sulamot orchestras throughout the country.

Sulamot accompanies the children for at least three years, and provides them with:

• Musical instruments.
• Weekly individual lessons.
• Weekly orchestra rehearsals.
• Bi-annual visits to IPO concerts at the Charles
  Bronfman Auditorium in Tel Aviv.
• Practice system with IDF soldiers from the Unit
  of outstanding Musicians.
• Supervision by IPO musicians.
• Musical pedagogical support by Buchmann-
  Mehta School of Music at TAU.
• Psychological supervision by the School of
  Social Work at TAU.


With your support we will be able to provide hundreds of children at risk throughout Israel with a life-changing experience of music lessons and belonging to an orchestra.
A contribution of:

US$ 2,500 for one child per year
US$ 100,000 for 100 children per year
US$ 300,000 for 100 children for 3 years

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