A World Built on Kindness

Can you imagine a world where you:

  • Create more doctors, more caregivers,
    more goodwill?
  • Where dreams really do come true?

Act now, make a donation and help Israel rescue
these children and their parents. Help us fulfill their dreams and encourage them to become giving
members of society.

It is doubtful whether any similar organizationthat emerged from other peoples in the world was as creative and involved in such a unique mission of national revival. This is because KerenHayesod played a central role in the ingathering of the people, and a vital part in mobilizing the resources to create something from nothing.

– Shimon Peres, President, State of Israel

Dr. Avi Yitzhak arrived in Israel on Operation Shlomo and because of KerenHayesod, and today, is the first Ethiopian doctor in Israel. Dr Yitzhak was one of the Israeli doctors on the Haiti Earthquake rescue mission.