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Why giving to Keren Hayesod is the best way to support Israel?

Keren Hayesod is the leading global organization uniting people around the world together in their love for Israel. We have 100 years of experience giving the people of Israel the tools and services to build better lives. Together, we have an unparalleled impact on millions of Israelis and Jews worldwide.

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Be Part of Israel’s Future

The Jewish people are longing to come home to Israel. Thousands rely on our help to prepare for their move, to afford their plane ticket and to thrive in their ancient homeland. The journey is difficult, but together, we are able to assist each new immigrant to establish themselves in their new homes.

Help the Jewish people come home to Israel

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lone soldiers
Show Your Solidarity with Israel’s Brave Men and Women

Brave men and women from around the world come to Israel to serve their people and the Israel Defense Forces. These young adults leave their families, friends and lives behind to dedicate years of their lives protecting their homeland. Many are in Israel with no support network. We recognize their commitment to our people and dedicate special projects to their benefit.

Salute Israel’s brave soldiers

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Israel’s Elderly Need Our Love

Keren Hayesod is committed to strengthening vulnerable populations. Among our diverse projects, we support Amigour, the leader in sheltered housing for Israel’s elderly.

A staggering one-third of Israel’s 1.05 million elderly live below the poverty line. That’s why Keren Hayesod supports Amigour to provide our elderly with sheltered housing. Today, more than 27,000 are on waitlists for housing assistance. Many of them are Holocaust survivors and immigrants that lack family and social networks in Israel. Together, by donating to Keren Hayesod, we can change their lives and provide them with housing, social connections and the resources needed to live with dignity.

Give Israel’s elderly dignified living

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We are grateful to those leaders that have expressed the importance and value of our work.
David Ben-Gurion

First Prime Minister of Israel:
“The merits and achievements of Keren Hayesod are engraved in the soil of the homeland and treasured in the soul of the nation”

Yitzhak Rabin

Former Prime Minister of Israel:
“There has been no event in the life of Israel without Keren Hayesod’s involvement”

Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin

President of the State of Israel:
“Without Keren Hayesod there would have been no state of Israel”