Israel Under Fire
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Keren Hayesod’s Solidarity Campaign for the People of Israel


Thousands of rockets are being launched towards Israel. Each missile threatens human life and attacks the people of Israel physically and psychologically.

The crisis is having a profound effect on children. Schools are closed to protect the well-being of children and teachers. As well, for most new immigrant parents, the current situation is their first time experiencing an escalation in violence in the region. Many are not prepared to deal with the trauma and hardships that their family is experiencing.

Join us to show your solidarity with the people of Israel by helping us provide thousands of children and parents with tailored psychological interventions, activity kits, and respite programming.

  • $50 will provide a care package, including craft activities, for one child
  • $64 will provide respite activities for one child in an Absorption Centre
  • $90 will provide one hour of therapy workshops for parents and children

Your donation will provide emergency help for Israel’s parents and children, particularly in the south and other areas experiencing intense violence.


If you love and support Israel, now is the time to make a difference.

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