Lance Michael Rosenberg

Lance Michael Rosenberg
Lance Michael Rosenberg
Sydney, Australia

Lance immigrated with his parents and 2 brothers from South Africa in 1982.  He enrolled in the University of New South Wales graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, Finance and Systems. He subsequently qualified as a Chartered Accountant whilst working with KPMG and simultaneously obtained several Financial Securities Institute qualifications.

He married Julie, and together they have 4 twin daughters and one grandson. The genesis of his interest in Israel is a result of growing up in a Zionist and philanthropic environment. Therefore, it made sense that he joined the Young UIA on arrival in 1982. His unbroken connection with KH since his days in Young Leadership, through the various divisions within NSW, is testament to his commitment, passion, and leadership. Lance has always ensured that the needs of the organisation have been front and centre and it has never been about recognition or reward.

He has held an impressive list of UIA roles that include:

  • Presidents Division Chair – Current
  • Federal President UIA Australia 2018 -2021
  • President UIA NSW 2013 – 2018
  • Chairman UIA NSW 2008, 2011-2012

Lance has received the following recognition and awards:

  • Life Chairman of UIA NSW Awarded in 2018 for ‘Outstanding Service, devotion and commitment to the State OF Israel and the future of the Jewish people
  • Keys to Jerusalem Awarded in 2020
  • Donny Lambert Award in 1998 for inspiring and ensuring the continuity of Israel and the Jewish people through the Young Leadership Division of UIA, NSW

Whilst KH-UIA has been a major feature of his philanthropic endeavours, Lance also holds the following positions in other communal organisations:

  • Immediate Past President – Maccabi Tennis Club Limited
  • Director – Hakoah Club Limited
  • Director – Moriah College Foundation
  • Director – Shabbat Project Limited
  • Director –Reef Trustees Limited (Owner of Kesser Torah College)

Lance is an avid sports enthusiast having participated in 8 Maccabiah Games (1985 – 2022) where he’s won a handful of gold and silver medals in various Masters Tennis categories.

His commercial endeavours include founding and managing an Australasian based boutique Investment Bank, Gleneagles, which offers a full suite of financial services to retail, wholesale, and institutional investors. Gleneagles has 115 staff, is headquartered in Sydney, and has representative offices throughout Asia.

It is anticipated that Lance will continue to be involved in KH-UIA for many more years with an active involvement in Australia as a canvasser and Board Member, and for various KH Jerusalem roles.