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About Us

We are socially responsible women at every stage of life. Together we comprise a dynamic global network of Jewish women dedicated to strengthening Israel. The International Women’s Division has been a pioneer in women’s philanthropy for over 40 years, passing on the torch of care and compassion from one generation to the next. We are the central address for Jewish women who are driven by their unswerving commitment to the Jewish State and its people.

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Women Like You!

Women today are key players in just about every facet of society and shape policy in local, national and international arenas. The International Women’s Division offers you an exciting and rewarding way to join forces with other women who embrace your vision and passion. You will enrich your own life while making a transformative impact on the lives of others.

Women in Action

By pooling our creative energies, KH women help promote social, educational and communal projects that nurture hope and create opportunity for at-risk youth and disadvantaged adults, empowering them, in turn, to contribute their skills to the State of Israel.

Become A Member Of Your Local KH Women’s Division

join a vibrant global community of committed Jewish women who are dedicated to ensuring the continuity of the Jewish people and fortifying the State of Israel.

jerusalem day
Jerusalem Day
Two days of emotion, surprise and amazing stories in one Virtual Mifgash
  • Meet live:
    Shoshi Jambar, from Cleaning Lady to Hi-Tech Manager
  • Walk in Jerusalem with The Woman of the Shuk:
    A unique Virtual Culinary Tour in Machne Yehuda Market
  • Dialogue with Fiona Darmon, one of the most influencing entrepreneurs in Israel:
    To Want, To Dare, To Soar: Innovating your Future
  • Know your Impact:
    Visit Keren Hayesod’s projects throughout the country
  • Discover:
    Culture and History in our eternal capital!
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