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Esther Mor

Esther Mor
Esther Mor

WJC Vice-President (WIZO)
President, Women’s International Zionist Organization

Born:                    Peshawar (Pakistan) of Russian parentage
Family Status:       Married, three children, 8 grandchildren.
Resided in India, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Switzerland, Belgium, the US, and, since 1980, in Israel.

Education and Skills

1959-1963        B.A. degree in Art and Literature, St. Xavier’s University, Bombay
Taught bible studies for 5 years in Habonim Youth Movement, Bombay 1975-1978        Fashion and Jewelry Design Academy, Italy
1965-1972        Hasbara for the Jewish community in Kobe, Japan
2008-2016        Initiated new WIZO annual fundraising campaigns as well as ongoing campaigns:         Pesach, Rosh Hashana, Bar Bat Mitzva, Sponsor a Youth, Heritage Trip to Poland, and Sponsor a Child

Languages       English, Hebrew, Italian, Bukhari (Persian), French, Japanese, Hindustani, Urdu, understand Spanish. Studying  Chinese.

Volunteer Work

2000-2004         Treasurer IWC first term
2005-2006         Vice President IWC
2006-2008         President IWC
2015-2018         Treasurer IWC second term
2003-2013         Founded and Chaired Friends of WIZO in Israel
2001-Present     WIZO Fundraising Division
2002-2008         Deputy Chair World WIZO Fundraising Division
2008                 Designed WIZO Chai and Sponsor a Child Diamond Pin
2008-present     Chairperson World WIZO Fundraising Division
2010                 As Chair of Friends of WIZO, partnered with WIZO Israel to host National Bar/Bat Mitzvah of 600 children and their parents in Jerusalem at the Kotel
2012                 Designed World WIZO Women’s council pin, WIZO men’s pin
2014                 Designed Sponsor a Youth Pin
2016                 Elected President World WIZO
2008-present     Italy-Rome, Milano; Switzerland-Zurich, Berne USA- Miami, L.A., N.Y.,