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Keren Hayesod-United Israel Appeal is the preeminent worldwide fundraising arm for the people of Israel. Since its establishment in 1920, Keren Hayesod has been at the forefront of strengthening Israeli society, promoting Aliyah, and enriching the Jewish Diaspora. With over a century’s track record, we have brought some three million Jews to Israel together with our strategic partner, The Jewish Agency for Israel.

Our close partnership with local Jewish communities, friends of Israel, and the State of Israel allows us to successfully bridge between 45 countries, operating 57 campaigns worldwide.

Keren Hayesod–United Israel Appeal is registered, in accordance with Israeli law, as a public benefit company and a non-profit organization.

Keren Hayesod’s Head Office, under the leadership of the World Chairman, the Director-General & CEO and other officers, is responsible for the overall management of the organization, including worldwide campaigns that engage in the entire spectrum of fundraising activities.

Statutory Committees

Keren Hayesod is governed by its Articles of Incorporation, which describes its statutory organs, comprised of global leaders dedicated to supporting the people of Israel. Composed of campaign representatives (50%) and representatives of the World Zionist Organization (50%), all statutory committee members are selected from the World Board of Trustees.


World Board of Trustees


The World Board of Trustees serves as Keren Hayesod’s General Assembly and contains 32 members, 16 of which represent the campaigns, in accordance with the distribution key outlined in Keren Hayesod’s Articles. The remaining 16 members are representatives of the WZO Executive. Its role, among others, is to determine the strategy and policy of Keren Hayesod and deal with the Company’s operating budget.

Board of Directors


Keren Hayesod’s Board of Directors has eight members: four representatives of the campaigns and four representatives of the World Zionist Organization. All eight are members of Keren Hayesod’s World Board of Trustees. The Board of Directors is responsible for implementing and executing the Organization’s policy and preparing its annual financial statements.

Budget & Finance Committee


The Budget & Finance Committee is a committee of the Board of Directors and therefore its eight members are equally divided: four representatives of the campaigns and four of the World Zionist Organization. All eight must be members of Keren Hayesod’s World Board of Trustees.

The Committee annually prepares the financial statements and submits a proposed budget for review by the Board of Directors and the World Board of Trustees.

Non-Statutory Committees

Keren Hayesod additionally manages non-statutory committees, consisting of global campaign representatives and leadership who advise and assist in navigating Keren Hayesod’s path forward. The main committees are:

Campaign Executive


The primary role of this committee, appointed by the Chairman of the World Board of Trustees from among Campaign leadership, is to advise the Chairman on any short or long-term strategic campaign matters.

KH Representatives on The Jewish Agency’s Board of Governors

Keren Hayesod is a 20% Jewish Agency Board of Governors shareholder. The Board of Governors regulates Jewish Agency policy and supervises its operations.

Keren Hayesod’s leadership sits on various committees of the Board of Governors with the same ratio of 20% in each BOG committee.