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“During my visit to a youth village in the south of Israel, I came across a newly built path. The teenager who was showing me around proudly told me that he had built that path with his own bare hands. He told me that he came from a broken family and that the Youth Village was a new type of home for him. ‘This path will lead me to a better future’, he said.”

A donor from Brussels

legacy and endowments

Our planned giving options give you the opportunity to make gifts that impact Israel both now and in the future. Personalized endowment funds ensure annual gifts are made to our projects in your name in perpetuity. You can also make your mark on Israel by leaving a legacy gift through your will.

Legacy to Israel
A legacy to Israel

There are a number of different types of legacies to choose from. Gifts in wills are an increasingly popular way of supporting the work of Keren Hayesod. People who are passionate about our cause have the chance to give exceptional gifts that can transform the future of the State of Israel and the Jewish People. Leaving a gift in your will is your way of promising to provide for the Jewish community after your lifetime and to have a large impact on the future by helping to secure the State of Israel and support its people.

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Annuity Fund
Annuity Fund

An annuity fund provides a reliable source of income for the duration of your lifetime while retaining the annual revenue on the capital, allowing you to leave your mark on the State of Israel by supporting important projects. A charitable contribution and an investment, an annuity fund provides guaranteed fixed income for an agreed-upon period, throughout the donor’s or beneficiary’s lifetime.
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Endowment Fund
Endowment Fund

A long-term investment in the future of the State of Israel and the Jewish People can be made through an endowment fund, whereby your investment generates annual income to increase the size of your donation. Endowment funds provide a reliable source of revenue for Keren Hayesod as they are protected against economic fluctuations and political changes.
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Yizkor – In Memoriam
Yizkor list

In tribute to the memory of those who generously remembered Keren Hayesod – UIA in their wills, and those who established KH-UIA endowment funds.
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If you wish to make a planned gift or wish additional information or confidential assistance, please contact your local Keren Hayesod office or be in touch with our home office in Jerusalem. ​

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