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Keren Hayesod-UIA’s Friends of Israel Division is a network of Christians around the world who believes in the strategic importance of the State of Israel as the beginning of the fulfillment of the Divine prophecies.

Based on our common Biblical heritage, we work hand-in-hand with our Jewish brothers and sisters, along with friends of Israel throughout the world, to support the efforts of Keren Hayesod-United Israel Appeal to help bring the Chosen People back to the Promised Land, and ensure its safety and security.

We are privileged to be living in times when we can witness the fulfillment of the prophetic visions before our very eyes, as new immigrants arrive in Israel every day. As it says in the Book of Isaiah: “He will raise a banner for the nations and gather the exiles of Israel; he will assemble the scattered people of Judah from the four corners of the earth” (11:12).

“He will raise a banner for the nations and gather the exiles of Israel; he will assemble the scattered people of Judah from the four corners of the earth.” (Isaiah 11:12)



  • We bring Jews to Israel from locations where their lives are in danger.
  • We assist in absorbing new immigrants, giving them the tools to integrate economically and socially.
  • We provide opportunity for disadvantaged populations, enabling them to contribute their skills to Israel.
  • We support remedial youth villages, giving at-risk boys and girls the chance to become productive citizens.
  • We help elderly Holocaust survivors live their last years in comfort and dignity.
  • You can play a critical role in fulfilling the biblical prophecy by helping bring the people of Israel back to the Land of Israel.
Jerusalem the western wall

In 1917, British Foreign Secretary, Lord Arthur Balfour issued what became known as the Balfour Declaration, recognizing the right of the Jewish people to a homeland in the Land of Israel. A devout Christian and fervent Zionist, Lord Balfour regarded history as “an instrument for carrying out a Divine purpose.” He sought to bring the Chosen People back to the Promised Land to help fulfill the Biblical prophecies.

The Keren Hayesod Friends of Israel is a worldwide network of Christian Zionists who, like Lord Balfour, believe in the strategic importance of the State of Israel as the realisation of God’s promise. Based on their shared Biblical heritage, Christians and Jews work hand-in-hand to bring the scattered people of Israel back to their land and ensure the safety and security of the State of Israel. We thank God for the great privilege He has given us to witness the fulfillment of Isaiah’s immortal words: “Rejoice with Jerusalem and be glad for her, all you who love her; rejoice greatly with her, all you who mourn over her” (Isaiah 66:10).

Rescuing Jews from immediate danger – Ukraine

After the initial surge of aliyah from Ukraine that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, life for Jews stabilized in that country, and a network of community institutions, organizations and religious schools supported a Jewish lifestyle. However, this period of relative calm was temporary. The political crisis that began in late 2013 created havoc for Jews. In a country with a history of vicious persecution of Jews, the election of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who is Jewish, as president has fueled increased antisemitism. The distress is exacerbated by a severe economic crisis. The average monthly salary of $300 is simply inadequate to provide even a minimum standard of living. The situation is particularly dire in eastern Ukraine, where civilian life is severely restricted.

The security situation in Donetsk and Lugansk remains highly unstable with ongoing clashes between Ukrainian armed forces and Russian-backed armed separatists. Services are irregular and food prices are higher than in the rest of the country. In short, the outlook for the future is bleak, particularly for Jews. Since 2014, Keren Hayesod-United Israel Appeal has helped bring some 32,000 Ukrainian Jews to Israel. After a preparation process in Ukraine, the new olim live in absorption centers for two years, attending Hebrew language ulpanim and classes in Judaism. They undergo professional retraining programs to help them integrate into the economy, like their fellow olim who preceded them. But some 50,000 or more Jewish men, women and children still remain in Ukraine, living in rampant poverty and in an atmosphere of pervasive fear and hopelessness. The mounting violence and uncertainty in Ukraine make it imperative to rescue every remaining Jew before the window of
opportunity slams shut!

Providing a safe haven for Jews at risk – France

Antisemitism and barbarity have overtaken the country that was the cradle of equality, fraternity and liberty. Antisemitism is on the rise in France and the country’s Jews feel increasingly threatened. Antisemitic acts in France rose by 74% in 2018. While Jews comprise less than one percent of France’s population, one racist act out of three committed in France in the last two years was directed against a Jew. Most are committed in broad daylight. In a grotesque travesty of justice, a French court recently ruled that the murderer of Sarah Halimi was “not criminally responsible” for his actions. Halimi, a 65 year-old Jew, was brutally beaten in her Paris apartment in 2017 and thrown out of the window.

Graffiti on Jewish-owned homes warn the owners to “flee immediately” if they want to live. Letters with live bullets are dropped into mailboxes of Jews, stating that the next bullet will be fired into the recipient’s head. The word “Jew” is painted in capital letters on Jewish shops and restaurants. “Antisemitism is at its worst level since World War II,” President Emmanuel Macron has asserted. According to a recent survey, 87% of France’s Jewish population is afraid of being targeted in a terror attack, while 61.5% do not feel safe in their own cities and towns. This hostile climate, alongside naked hatred for the Jewish state, has resulted in unprecedented aliyah from France. In the past decade, 100,000 of France’s Jews – 20% – left the country. Keren Hayesod-supported programs help prepare prospective olim for life in Israel. Once they arrive, they are housed in absorption centers or integrated into other absorption frameworks to help ease their transition into Israeli society. But hundreds of thousands more still live in fear and anxiety

Bringing an ancient people home – Ethiopia

For centuries, the Jews of Ethiopia were persecuted by their neighbors – sold into slavery, forbidden to practice their religion, forcibly baptized, and robbed of their lands. But although they were cut off from mainstream Jewry for millennia, they kept alive a dream – to return to the Land of Israel. Starting in 1977, the Government of Israel, with Keren Hayesod-UIA’s help, began bringing Ethiopian Jews to Israel. Today, the community numbers some 120,000 people. Many family members who were unable to prove their Jewish ancestry were left behind in Ethiopia, living in dire straits. In 2018, through a family reunification program, the Government of Israel authorised the aliyah of 1,000 Falash Mura (descendants of Jews who were forcibly converted) who have children living in Israel.

However, the actual return to Zion is starkly different from the dream. The new arrivals, who are unfamiliar with the language, culture, and social norms in Israel, are confronted with the need to make a dramatic transition from a rural, patriarchal society to a fast-paced, modern, scientific culture – literally overnight. To facilitate the adjustment process, the Ethiopian immigrants are housed in Keren Hayesod-UIA supported absorption centers that cater to their specific needs. An intensive 18-24 month program, which includes a Hebrew language ulpan, courses on Judaism and Zionism, job placement workshops and more, helps to bridge thousands of years of educational, cultural and technological gaps, giving them tools that are essential for a successful absorption. Helping them integrate benefits them, their families and all of Israeli society.

Friends of Israel
How can I help?
Help God’s people return to their homeland!

You can play a critical role in the unfolding of the Divine process.

  • A donation of US$ 4,000 will help one oleh to return home to Israel and sponsor his/her absorption costs in Israel.
  • A donation of US$ 460 will sponsor a flight to Israel for one new immigrant.
  • A donation of US$ 400 will sponsor aliyah preparations for one new immigrant.
  • A donation of US$ 3,140 will help cover absorption costs for one new immigrant, including housing, a living stipend and medical expenses.

Keren Hayesod has been world Jewry’s lifeline to Israel and safety for 100 years! Please help keep this important lifeline open and help the remaining Jews return home before the window of opportunity slams shut!

Operation Eagle’s Wings project picture
Operation Eagle’s Wings
Supporting Aliyah is one of Keren Hayesod’s key initiatives.

Operation Eagle’s Wings is our latest initiative to support the preparation and flights for new Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia who will be making Aliyah to Israel.

Operations Eagle’s Wings X Patrick Bezalel

  • In a special collaboration, we are working with Patrick Bezalel, a Singapore-based artist, and his wife Lily, to celebrate the beauty and creative expression of art as a means to support the work of Aliyah.
  • We welcome your support to partner with us – to participate in the work of Aliyah which God himself is doing and bring the hopes of many Jews into fruition.
  • For a donation exceeding US$10,000, you will be gifted one of two specially curated art pieces.

To make your donation and for more information on this special collaboration and the artist, please click here.

You can help fulfill the words of God by helping Jews return to the Promised Land!

Bless Israel by supporting aliyah! Bless Israel and you will be blessed!

I Want to Bless Israel

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