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Keren Hayesod is and will continue to be the world’s leading fundraising organization for the People of Israel.
It enables all those who want to support Israel as the Jewish homeland, enhance the lives of the People of Israel, and strengthen the connection between them and Jewish communities around the world, to express their commitment by contributing funds to activities, projects and enterprises Keren Hayesod deems of value and priority in promoting these causes.

100 years supporting israe
This is what 100 YEARS of Supporting Israel Looks Like.

We have officially reached our our 100th year of activity. It’s going to be an exciting year of celebrations as we continue our mission of supporting the people of Israel. We hope you enjoy this first video looking back on what an incredible first century we’ve shared together with you and supporters worldwide.

Keren Hayesod’s work is based on the lessons of the Jewish people’s history and at its core is the Jewish principle of mutual responsibility – ערבים זה לזה.
The People of Israel – עם ישראל – will always be there for one another.

For The New Immigrants

Keren Hayesod is proud to be a leading supporter of aliyah and absorption. We have supported the more than 3.5 million new immigrants that have arrived since the founding of the State of Israel. Today, many enjoy services we support, including initial stays at one of our 21 absorption centers, Hebrew language instruction at our ulpans, assistance transitioning their careers to Israel, and more.

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For the Children of Israel

All children, no matter their socioeconomic reality, deserve equal access to quality education, resources and support. We consider it a priority to help Israel’s disadvantaged children to succeed. We are ensuring that critical interventions are available at all stages of development and with variety in the kinds of support, from mentorship to extracurricular learning. Together, we are giving them the tools to succeed.

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Youth Futures

For the Youth of Israel

Israeli youth are our future, and we are there to provide them with the assistance they need to have brighter futures. We prioritize giving them the tools they need to succeed. Our support goes towards interventions for youth at-risk, providing remedial education and warm homes to these youth and closing the technology gap to ensure they can participate in elite IDF units and Israel’s booming hi-tech market.

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For the People of Israel’s Periphery

The Negev and Galille comprise 70% of Israel’s territory, yet are home to only 30% of its population and produce only 8% of its economic output. Residents are largely cut off from the economic, cultural and educational opportunities available in the centre of the country. We prioritize projects that help young activists make a difference in these areas.

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For the Elderly of Israel

The shortage of low-rent housing in Israel imposes great hardships on many elderly Israelis who do not own their own homes. The situation is particularly severe for Holocaust survivors and immigrants from the Former Soviet Union who have no assets and lack an extensive support system of family and friends. We work together with Amigour to ensure that they have affordable and sheltered housing. Together, we are giving them the opportunity to live in dignity.

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For the Men and Women Defending Israel

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is considered the great equalizer in Israeli society and provides the space in which national solidarity and camaraderie are forged. Military service is a rite of passage that provides an entry ticket into Israeli society, and service in elite unites is a strong foundation for future success and upward social mobility. We prioritized projects that help disadvantaged youth and new immigrants to succeed in their service and civilian lives.

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For Jews Around the World

We serve as the bridge between Israel and Jewish communities and friends of Israel around the world. Together, we are dedicated to the continuation of the Jewish people and ensuring our connectivity to one another. We prioritize projects that promote Jewish identity building, a strong Israel education and the development of leadership skills for the next generation of global Jewish leaders.

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