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Nerya Meir

Nerya Meir
Nerya Meir

Adv. Nerya Meir serves as the head of the Department of Zionist Activities in the Diaspora.

Between the years 2013-2021, he served as the head of the global leadership of the Betar movement, and between the years 2020-2021 he served as (joint) chairman of the World Zionist Youth Movement’s Council.

Since 2014, he has served as chairman of the Plugat HaKotel Museum in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Between 2015-2020, he served as a member of the Zionist Executive on behalf of the World Likud Movement, and since 2016 has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Agency.

Nerya holds a bachelor’s degree in law with honors, as well as a master’s degree in public policy with honors, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He did his legal internship with the Deputy Attorney General (criminal).

Nerya is a captain in the paratroopers’ brigade in the IDF reserves and is married to Hannah. He is a resident of Rehelim in Samaria, and a father of five.