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Estrella Cohen

Estrella Cohen
Estrella Cohen

President of the International Women’s Division, Estrella Cohen was born in Melilla, Spain. She moved to Barcelona at the age of thirteen with her parents and four sisters, where she graduated from high school and completed her university studies.

Estrella has been a volunteer for Keren Hayesod since 1994, and since 2016 Estrella has been the IWD Vice President for Europe.

She has been a member of the Executive Committee of Keren Hayesod Spain and President of the Women´s Division of Spain since 2018. Previously she was President of the Women´s Division of Madrid for 13 years. Estrella became a Lion of Judah in 2006.

As liaison between Spain and the International Women’s Division she headed the organizing committee for the 5th IWD European Conference which took place in Madrid in November 2010.

She also actively collaborated in the Home Hospitality event for the ILR organized in Madrid in November 2013.

She holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the Universidad Central of Barcelona. As a Certified Chartered Accountant, she worked for thirteen years in the audit division of the multinational firm Price Waterhouse in Madrid, where she became Senior Manager.

An active member of the Jewish community of Madrid, she participates in community events and represents Keren Hayesod at national and international Jewish events held in the community.

In 2015 Estrella was presented the International Women’s Division Award of Excellence.

Estrella speaks Spanish, French and English.

She is happily married to Michel Eljarrat and has three sons and a granddaughter.