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Nava Issacharoff de Rubenzadeh

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Nava Issacharoff de Rubenzadeh
Nava Issacharoff de Rubenzadeh

Nava Issacharoff de Rubenzadeh was born in Jerusalem, to a family of immigrants from Bukhara, years before the creation of the State of Israel.
After completing her studies in education and serving in the army, she worked with the population of immigrants who came to populate the country.

She met Daniel, and they built their family in Argentina. They had two children, Ariel Z”L and Shiri, and two granddaughters, Keila and Mila.

The belonging and experiences lived throughout her youth, would mark her for her whole life, and would make her act accordingly until today.

Nava is co-founder of the Women’s Division of Argentina, of CUJA, created in 1978, and has been its President for several periods.

Additionally, she was International Vice President of the Women’s Division of K.H until being named International President, a position she held from 1998 to 2003.

She also participated on the Board and was Governor of the Jewish Agency until 2003.

Since 2005, she is President of the Argentine Friends of the Ben Gurión University, developing various projects, as well as participating in its International Board.

Nava has received distinctions in recognition of her work, both in Argentina and in Israel.

In Argentina: the Golda Meir Prize for her community involvement, the AMIA Prize for her commitment to aliyah and the CUJA Prize for her trajectory.

This year, the Minister of Education of the Argentine Republic honoured her for her contribution to the friendship between Israel and Argentina.

Keren Hayesod honoured her on several occasions, as World President, as a symbol of the Lion of Judah and with the Prize for the Excellence of Female Divisions.

Ben Gurion University also gave her a well-deserved recognition, the Ben Gurion Prize for her contribution to the development of the Neguev.

Among the many projects led by Nava, the family project in constant growth is distinguished, such as the Beit Ariel schools in Beer Sheva, which recall the vitality of her son Ariel Z ”L.