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In Gratitude: Estrella Cohen

2015 IWD Award of Excellence recipient

​Madrid, Spain

A volunteer for Keren Hayesod since 1994, Estrella Cohen was born in Melilla, Spain. She moved to Barcelona at the age of thirteen with her parents and four sisters, where she graduated from High School and completed her university studies.

She is a member of the Executive Committee of Keren Hayesod Spain and President of the Women´s Division of Madrid since 2009. Previously, she was WD Madrid President for three years from 1999 to 2001.

As liaison between Spain and the International Women Division, she led the organizing committee for the 5th IWD European Conference which took place in Madrid on November 2010.
She also actively collaborated in the Home Hospitality event for the ILR organized in Madrid on November 2013.

She holds a Master degree in Economics from the Universidad Central of Barcelona. As a Certified Chartered Accountant, she worked for thirteen years in the multinational firm Price Waterhouse in Madrid in the audit division, where she became Senior Manager.

An active member of the Jewish community of Madrid, she participates in community events and represents Keren Hayesod at Jewish national and international events that are carried out within the community.
She is happily married and has three sons.


A Personal message from Estrella Cohen

Dear Friends of Keren Hayesod,

Throughout my years of volunteer activity, I have been aware of the privilege I have to be able to work for Israel in the framework of an organization like Keren Hayesod, which is unique in its scope and importance, and which embraces Jews the world over.
I am deeply and grateful to receive the 2015 Award of Excellence from the International Women’s Division and also surprised to be chosen to receive a prize for doing work that gives me great personal satisfaction: greeting a plane of olim; supporting absorption centres that provide a first home in Israel for Jews who decide to join their future with that of our state; helping young people realize David Ben Gurion’s dream to populate and revitalize the Negev; supporting youth villages that give opportunities to Israel’s most underprivileged youth; and helping to renovate bomb shelters, among many other things.

My heart is filled with joy to know that we are part of Keren Hayesod’s achievements and, to a degree, of the progress and well-being of our people’s most important undertaking: the State of Israel.
The chance to be a proud member of an organization like ours, with activists in most of the world with whom we can meet regularly, is another tremendous source of enrichment. Keren Hayesod has allowed me to share experiences with many brilliant women, committed leaders with the same interests and love for Israel and our people that I have.

After each Mifgash, I return to Spain with renewed energies to transmit the Keren Hayesod message, with personal testimony of the vivid experiences at the projects I visited. I can encourage younger activists to get involved on a daily basis and assume the reins of leadership, for they are the future. If we contribute from what we are and from what we have and activate many people, we can channel their efforts for the collective good.
I want to share this recognition with my colleagues in the Women’s Division Madrid for their many years of work and with the presidents who preceded me and have established this great organization on a firm basis in Madrid, as well as with my husband and children, who have allowed me to devote time and effort to KH, which is a part of our life.

My thanks also to the World Presidents and to all the Keren Hayesod leaders and shlichim who have helped me to reinforce the strong and unbreakable bond that we have with the State of Israel.

Toda raba,
Estrella Cohen

For her vision, her extraordinary leadership and her unwavering dedication, Estrella Cohen is a worthy recipient of the 2015 IWD Award of Excellence

Estrella Cohen

From left to right: Greg Masel, KH-UIA Director General; David Koschitzky, Chair of KH-UIA World Board of Trustees; Eliezer (Moodi) Sandberg, KH-UIA World Chairman; Marcelo Goldin, IWD Director; KH Honorary President Julia Koschitzky; Estrella with the Award and Nelly de Bobrow, President of the KH-UIA International Women’s Division.


Estrella Cohen

Estrella Cohen addresses the audience.