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In Gratitude: Jan Fischer

2019 Yakir Keren Hayesod Award recipient

Munich, Germany

Jan Fischer was raised in a liberal and-open minded family in Germany that instilled in him a feeling of social responsibility. He studied business administration, politics, philosophy and economics in Munich and Oxford.  Today he runs his family company, which has offices in 42 countries. He has three Daughters: Henriette, Charlotte and Mathilde.

Jan has been involved in Jewish and Zionist causes since his youth. Deeply moved by his visit to concentration camps in Poland and volunteer experience on a kibbutz as a teenager, he resolved to undertake his own efforts on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people.  He is committed to helping Jews wherever and whenever the need arises.  He realizes his love for Israel through Keren Hayesod:  he supported the Net@ technological training project for disadvantaged youth, ALEH rehabilitative homes for children with severe disabilities and Amigour sheltered housing for the Elderly. In order to provide Living in Dignity For Holocaust survivors Jan also supports the “Yad Ezer Lechaver” home in Haifa.  A collector of Israeli art and an investor in Israeli startups, he is working on a venture to build a center for light art on the rim of the Ramon Crater.

Jan also supports campaigns to combat antisemitism in Germany and serves on the board of various foundations that he founded to fight prejudice, give young people a better future and advance humanitarian ideals.

For his leadership, generosity and unswerving devotion to Israel and its people, Jan Fischer is most deserving of being a Yakir Keren Hayesod Award recipient.
Jan Fischer

At the Yakir Award 2019 ceremony. from l-r: Greg Masel, then Keren Hayesod Director General and CEO; Sam Grundwerg, Keren Hayesod World Chairman; Jan Fischer holding the Yakir Award; Steven Lowy AM, Keren Hayesod Chairman, World Board of Trustees; David Koschitzky, then Keren Hayesod Chairman, World Board of Trustees; Julia Koschitzky; Keren Hayesod Honorary President.