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In Gratitude: Katalin (Katy) Borger

2014 IWD Award of Excellence recipient

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Katy was born in Budapest, Hungary, and emigrated with her grandparents and parents to São Paulo in 1949, where she completed her studies. Later on she went to England to enhance her proficiency in foreign languages.
Katy is an interior designer; she worked with Sergio Rodrigues, a very prominent Brazilian furniture designer and has worked extensively as an interior home designer. She also worked in the textiles industry, creating knitwear for important brands and renowned names in fashion.Today she manages a family concern – a traditional retail store in São Paulo.

Her involvement in the Jewish community started with her participation in the youth movement Chazit Hanoar, when she was a teenager, and she was the first member of this group to visit Israel, in 1963.
She was one of the founders of the Women’s Division of Keren Hayesod in 1986.
In 1991, she launched the Lion of Judah in Brazil, together with Nelly de Bobrow, and organized annual events in São Paulo. As the Director of Lion of Judah, Katy has participated in international events in the United States and Israel and greatly contributed to the development of this decisive group in all the campaigns. In 1998/99 Katy was President of the local Women’s Division, and she is now one of its counsellors.

Katy was a member of the Board of the São Paulo Albert Einstein Hospital, as well as the Brazilian Association of Friends of the Israel Museum (AABIM) since its establishment in 2006, and the Board of the Center for Jewish Culture (CCJ) until 2013.
She enjoys art, traveling and playing tennis.
Katy has two children, Fábio and Verônica, and six grandchildren, who are her greatest investment and pleasure.
She has established a tradition in her family: when her grandchildren are eight years old, Katy takes them to on a trip to Israel, which includes a visit to KH projects.

A Personal message from Katy Borger

For the past 28 years I’ve been an active member of Keren Hayesod São Paulo and I was part of the group that established the São Paulo Women’s Division of Keren Hayesod.
In this capacity, I learned all about Israeli society, including its absorption, education, and security needs. Since then, I have been following the aliyah of our brothers and sisters – starting with immigration from North African countries, through the opening of the gates of the USSR and the aliyah of Jews from Russia, Hungary, and Serbia and the emotional aliyah of the Ethiopians, including the Falash Mura last year, and to the aliyah from Argentina, so close to us here in Brazil, as well as many other countries where Jews are endangered simply for being Jews.
Keren Hayesod looks after these Jews regardless of their origin, financial status, or country of origin.
My family survived the Holocaust and we were helped to immigrate to Brazil – my grandparents, my father and mother, and I. I believe in and fight for a strong Israel, because a strong Israel protects us Diaspora Jews.

I’m thankful to Keren Hayesod for granting me the 2014 Award of Excellence. I’m very thrilled and thank the WD São Paulo, my fellow volunteers, our shlichim, and the professional team who gives the support we all need in order to be good informed volunteers.

H is another member of my family! Every time I visit Israel, I find a different country – more advanced, more progressive, more modern. It causes me great pride to see our KH projects in full bloom. This constant transformation is certainly due in large measure to the support of the Diaspora, to the fact that you in Israel know that we are there for you, unconditionally!
The State of Israel needs me, and I need the State the Israel!
Todah Rabah!

The worldwide family of Keren Hayesod-UIA sends its congratulations to Katy upon receiving the 2014 IWD Award of Excellence.
Thanks again for all that you have achieved until now, dear Katy, and best wishes for many more years of good health and happiness with your loved ones, as well as continued activity on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people!

For her vision, her extraordinary leadership and her unwavering dedication, Katalin (Katy) Borger is a worthy recipient of the 2014 IWD Award of Excellence

Katalin Borger

Katy Borger holding the 2014 Award of Excellence. From left to right: Eliezer (Moodi) Sandberg, KH-UIA World Chairman;  Yohanna Arbib-Perugia, then Chair of KH-UIA World Board of Trustees; Katy Borger; KH Honorary President Julia KoschitzkyDina Nathusius, vice-President of the IWD for Latin America; Victoria Reimers, IWD Honorary President; Aviva Barel, then IWD Director and Greg Masel, KH-UIA Director General.


Katalin Borger

Katy Borger addresses the audience