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A Profession For Life
Helping immigrants pursue their professional ambitions
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A proffesion for life project
What is A Profession for Life?

After new immigrants arrive in Israel, it is crucial that they have a smooth integration into Israeli society. For many, a successful absorption is imperative to fulfilling their dreams and potential. A Profession for Life helps new immigrants and their families to settle into Israel with the support of a program, dedicated staff and a hope for a brighter future.


A proffesion for life project

A Profession For Life

Why a Profession for Life?

A Profession for Life offers a holistic approach to integration and a solid foundation for success. New immigrants are able to convert their professional licenses or gain new qualifications that help increase their employability in Israel. The new immigrants benefit from specialised courses that give them the tools to fast track their way to successful employment in high-demand sectors and help them to experience upward socio-economic mobility.

A proffesion for life project
The Next Generation of Israeli Professionals

A Profession for Life offers a range of tracks that help immigrants relicense in their specialty or to earn new qualifications that will help them in Israel. Some of the tracks offered include doctors’ relicensing, electrical wiring, nurses’ licensing, software engineering, chefs and culinary, carpentry, mechanics, computer numerical training, plastics, electronics, electricians, fitness instructors, gym instructors, science teaching and public transportation driving.

Highlights from A Profession for Life

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Be Part of the Journey!
Every donation to Keren Hayesod helps to strengthen the people of Israel. To support one immigrant and their family through this program, US$4,400 is need to help meet their needs during the program.  Donations of all amounts are welcome to support A Profession for Life through Keren Hayesod.

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