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Bridging social gaps with high tech, leadership and social values



What is Net@?

Net@ is the leading program helping to close Israel’s social gaps through a dual technological and leadership curriculum for youth in the periphery. An extra-curricular program for students in years 5-12, students benefit from technical computer classes, such as programming, networking and more. The program also emphasizes the importance of volunteering in local communities.


Why Net@?

Youth in Israel’s socioeconomic and geographic peripheries are often underserved. Net@ creates new opportunities for social mobility by instilling technological and leadership skills in students. Net@ is also the only long-term youth program in Israel that brings together Jewish, Muslim and Christian students


Beyond Net@

More than 5,000 Israelis have graduated from Net@. The Alumni Association offers more opportunities for further academic and professional advancement. A dedicated coordinator works with Appleseeds Academy to provide Net@ alumni with access to tools and events that will help them advance.

Net@ By The Numbers


annual hours of volunteer work


graduates whose lives have been changed


of graduates go on to serve in elite IDF technological units


Net@ launched its first classroom abroad in Milan in fall 2018. For the first time, a Keren Hayesod-support project is able to directly share its successes with an overseas community. Net@ Milan is led by Israeli graduates of the program. The Italian students work together with their Israeli peers and make educational visits to Israel.

You Can Help!

Every donation to Keren Hayesod helps to strengthen the people of Israel. There is a need of US$2,000 per a student to ensure that these Israeli youth get the education and support needed to help brighten their future. Donations of all amounts are welcome towards helping Net@ through Keren Hayesod.

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