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Dignified living for Israel’s elderly


What Is Amigour?

We support the Amigour Housing Management Company, Israel’s leading operator of public and sheltered housing facilities, in order to respond to this critical need. Today, over 7,500 low-income seniors across the country enjoy affordable housing and independent living.

Why Amigour?

The shortage of low-rent housing in Israel imposes great hardships on many elderly Israelis who do not own their own homes. The situation is particularly severe for Holocaust survivors and immigrants from the Former Soviet Union. Often childless and lacking family and friends to help them, these elderly Israelis are forced to live on a paltry welfare allocation – an amount that is inadequate to rent even the most basic apartment. Amigour provides the necessary sheltered housing and social support for residents to live with dignity.

Dignified Living

Residents of Amigour enjoy sheltered housing affordable to their welfare allocation and with enough left to cover additional expenses, like food and activities that enrich their lives. Amigour offers programs and classes to the residents, such as language instruction, workshops and classes, trip around Israel, holiday celebrations and so much more. Each location has a dedicated staff, including a social worker, to help residents and ensure that all their needs are met


low-income seniors in Amigour housing.


Amigour housing facilities

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the average amount residents pay in rent per month


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Personal Testimony

These couple are Holocaust survivors. After surviving the war and enduring more anti-Semitism in Belgium, they made aliyah in 1983. They struggled in Israel to build a life here, but through Amigour, they got a new lease on life. They are finally able to afford their home and food. Finally, they can enjoy time with family and friends and participate in the cultural experiences that bring them both so much joy.

You Can Help!

Every donation to Keren Hayesod helps to strengthen the people of Israel. Each Amigour sheltered home requires US$23,000 annually to ensure its elderly residents can live with dignity. Donations of all amounts are welcome towards helping Amigour through Keren Hayesod.

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