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Adi (Formerly Aleh)
Ability. Diversity. Inclusion

Rehabilitative Care for Children with Severe Disabilities

What is Adi?

Children with multiple and severe disabilities are often underestimated. Unable to express their feelings, needs and desires, in many cases they are considered beyond hope of rehabilitation and development. ADI’s experience proves otherwise. Fuelled by a belief that every individual has hopes, strengths, and abilities, ADI (formerly known as ALEH) has shown time and again that intensive therapies and paramedical treatments can change lives.

Today, over 490 children, youth and adults with complex disabilities receive high-level medical and rehabilitative care at ADI’s residential and vocational centres. In ADI Jerusalem, ADI Negev- Nahalat Eran Rehabilitation Village and ADI Ofakim Vo-cational Centre, a devoted, multidisciplinary team of therapists, doctors, nurses and caregivers, educational and administrative workers and a cadre of volunteers work together to provide for the residents’ physical, medical, social and emotional needs. Furthermore, ADI is building Israel’s first neuro-orthopedic rehabilitation hospital in the Negev to help individuals from the entire region recover from illness or accident and reintegrate into life, family and community.

Why Adi?

The    Government    of    Israel    supports    and acknowledges   ADI’s   standard   of   care.   The project  is  in  collaboration  with  government ministries, who provide funding for operating costs and capital building projects.

ADI offers intensive therapy beyond the standard provided   by   Israel’s   national   health   insurance (HMOs).  The  treatments  have  resulted  in  many children    learning    to    stand,    feed    themselves, and  move  their  limbs  in  a  controlled  manner  – unthinkable   after   their   original   diagnoses.  This augmented    program    relies    on    support    from outside  sources  in  order  to  provide  the  highest level  of  care  for  each  child  and  enables  them  to realise their potential.

Quick Facts About Adi

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You Can Help!

A donation of US $12,000 will sponsor an individually-tailored specialised therapy program for a child with severe disabilities and give them a brighter future.

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