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Youth Futures
Personalised interventions for thousands of children at-risk
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Youth Futures

What is Youth Futures?

Youth Futures is an unparalleled national program that provides at-risk children (6-13 years old) and their families with comprehensive, tailored interventions to help these children succeed. At the heart of the program are mentors, professionally trained and qualified, that provide individual support to each child and family to help them bridge critical educational and social gaps.

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Why Youth Futures?

Youth Futures is a collective commitment that infuses Israel’s disadvantaged regions with real hope for transformative change and excellence. The project began as a bold experiment and today serves over 12,000 children and their families across Israel. The mentors provide unmatched support to help children from low socioeconomic backgrounds, difficult social situations at home and at school, and so forth to gain the skills and confidence to succeed.

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Transforming Lives

Alumni of the program are able to recognize the impact that Youth Futures had on their lives. They value their mentors’ assistance in helping them gain the direction, vision and skills that enable them to thrive today.

Youth Futures by the Numbers

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children and their families served annually




locations across Israel

You Can Help!

Every donation to Keren Hayesod helps to strengthen the people of Israel. There is a need of US$2,750 to provide each child in Youth Futures with a personalized intervention. The Government of Israel matches donations to this project. Donations of all amounts are welcome towards helping Youth Futures through Keren Hayesod.

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