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Alma Mechinot Selected for High-Profile Visit
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Our Leadership Meets with Young Women in Jerusalem Pre-Army Leadership Academy

If you could only visit one project we support, which would you choose?

Today, Sam Grubdwerg, our World Chairman, and Steven Lowy AM, Chairman of our Board of Trustees, visited the Alma Mechinah in Jerusalem.

This program helps young women prepare for their army service. Participants come from Israel’s geographic and social economies. The 6-month leadership academy, now in its 9th cycle, gives women the tools they need to enlist in meaningful IDF positions and gain crucial skills to thrive in adulthood.

This by-women for-women project has an evergreen impact. Graduates take on leadership roles in Israeli society and their own local communities. They are also active in encouraging the next generation to take this opportunity to invest in themselves at this critical juncture in their self-development.

As part of this special meeting, the girls were asked about their dreams for the future. Our leadership heard how, for many women, the academy staff are the first people in their lives to authentically inquire about their future. Alma Mechinot empower Israeli women to dream – and to dream big.

Access to pre-army academies is typically limited to young Israelis that can afford the tuition. Our mechinot are subsidized by our generous supporters and are unique and necessary in helping Israelis break cycles of poverty and overcome the influences of socio-economic factors. Alma and our other mechinot are changing the lives of participants, their communities and Israeli society in its entirety.