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An uplifting 800 Guests gala eve
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KH Mexico opens their 2024 campaign

On February 13, 2024, a festive ceremony in Mexico marked the inauguration of the noteworthy campaign for the Mexico campaign at Keren Hayesod.

The event, attended by about 800 guests, included several dignitaries such as the Israeli Ambassador to Mexico community leaders, the Director of the Latin America Region, and former IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Cochavi, who delivered a captivating lecture on the changing reality and new challenges following the events of October 7.

His presence emphasized the importance of donation and assistance at this time deepening the understanding of Israel’s security and social challenges.

During the event, Keren Hayesod’s dedicated supporters in Mexico presented certificates of appreciation to the presidents and the outstanding activists who opened various community institutions to benefit the emergency campaign.

The Mexico campaign serves as a symbol for all supporters and donors from Latin America, and its endorsement of the Zionist endeavor and the endless work of Keren Hayesod and its significant value, especially during times of strengthening the entire State of Israel.

You are invited to enjoy photos taken at the event and follow our continued activities together.