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Endowment for Israel
Learn about Keren Hayesod’s legacies and endowments

The extensive and profound connections between Keren Hayesod and the Jewish diaspora have, over the years, turned into a fruitful partnership, fostering Zionism’s growth and expansion throughout Israel. Many Jews spend most of their lives around the world but feel a pure and values-driven connection to the land of their ancestors. They contribute and work quietly and openly for the country’s benefit, and Keren Hayesod elevates this activity into various crucial projects for the future of the Jewish people. Establishing youth villages, initiatives for young people, support for older people, assistance for lone soldiers, supplying equipment and education for peripheral communities, and more encompass a range of projects. Keren Hayesod offers unique inheritance routes to remember and immortalize these contributors, imprinting an original seal on the state of Israel’s past, present, and future:

Legacy for Israel
Various legacy options are available, with gifts in wills gaining popularity as a meaningful means of backing Keren Hayesod’s initiatives. Those devoted to our cause can make substantial contributions, shaping the future of Israel and the Jewish People. By including a gift in your will, you commit to supporting the Jewish community posthumously, leaving a lasting impact on Israel’s security and the well-being of its people.

Charitable Annuity Fund
A dual-purpose financial vehicle acts as a charitable contribution and an investment, offering a guaranteed fixed income for an agreed-upon period, spanning the donor’s or beneficiary’s lifetime.

Endowment for Israel
Invest in the future of Israel and the Jewish People through a long-term commitment with an endowment fund. Your investment contributes to Keren Hayesod annually and grows over time, creating a stable source of income.

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