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From Europe with Love

(and Appetite)

On March 18, the European Women’s Division “Eat Pray Love” delegation arrived in Israel on behalf of KH, which takes place every two years. The delegation stayed at the Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem for three days. As part of the four-day mission, the participants met with Knesset members, media personnel, bereaved families, survivors of the October 7 attack, and IDF soldiers. We heard stories of bravery and survival from Head of the Eshkol Regional Council, Michal Uziyahu and kibbutz residents. Not a dry eye was left at the sight of the destruction and devastation, and the burnt houses where numerous Israeli lives were brutally taken.

The women donated mishlochei manot (delight parcels) as is customary during the holiday of Purim. They were distributed to soliders of the Border Police’s K9 unit at Metzudat Adumim, and to IDF soldiers at the “Iron Dome” base. Finally, we arrived at the soldiers’ camp at the Gilat Junction, and in addition to the food parcels, we prepared a delicious meal together for the soldiers patrolling the area on a daily basis.

Estrella Cohen, President of the International Women’s Division, and Sacha Joseph, Vice President of the European Women’s Division, worked around the clock to make the most of the visit and leave the most significant impact on the delegation members. It was a crucial and enriching mission for all involved, serving Keren Hayesod-UIA’s ongoing mission to strengthen the intimate connection between Israel and Jews worldwide.