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It is a Matter of Life or Death
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The Testimony of Dina who saved the life of 120 Jews of Ukraine

Last week, we shared the voice recording of a woman named Dina, a Chabad Shlicha in Ukraine, who reached out to a Keren Hayesod representative asking for urgent help in getting members of her community out of Ukraine and to safety. We are thrilled to share that Dina, her family, and 120 members from her community have made it safely to Israel on one of the Keren Hayesod-supported rescue flights that landed early this week. Dina and her husband are continuing their work from Israel. Four buses are set to depart from Ukraine and will make their way to safety thanks to the support of Keren Hayesod. Watch below to hear her story of bravery and resilience

Your support is needed now in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Ukrainian Jews during this crisis.

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