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KH Annual Leadership Conference
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KH annual leadership conference
The KH Leadership Conference: Shining Examples

The 2024 Keren Hayesod-UIA Annual Leadership Conference in Israel, which is scheduled take place on November 19-22, 2024. Details will follow as we get closer to these dates.

Israel is amid a difficult war that has caused enormous agony and pain in Israel and for the entire Jewish people and friends of Israel around the world. The events of October 7 and the subsequent trials of war have left an indelible mark on the hearts of Israelis and Jews worldwide. We have witnessed moments of anguish and loss, but amidst the darkness, we have also seen the light of courage and unity shine brighter than ever before. It is in these challenging times that our bonds are tested and strengthened as we stand together in solidarity, offering support to one another and to the people of Israel. Our coming together in Israel, specifically in these complex and challenging times, is a powerful statement.

We are preparing an enriching and meaningful program that will include meetings with inspiring and leading figures, briefings on current topics, and visits to meaningful sites, including, of course, Keren Hayesod-supported projects, where participants will be able to witness first-hand the organization’s far-reaching influence and impact. Specific content will be tailored to the situation at the time. Naturally, we are closely monitoring the situation in Israel, and if holding a physical event will not possible, we will update and adjust accordingly.

We are happy to share the enclosed “Save the Date” for Keren Hayesod’s Annual Leadership Conference on November 19-22, 2024. Please note that pre-registration is required for participation—sign up here.

At this stage, the pre-registration is preliminary and does not require any obligation or payment.