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Welcome Home to 140 New Immigrants from Ukraine
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Keren Hayesod Continues to Assist Immigration During the Pandemic

Despite the many restrictions in Israel, one area that continues to thrive is aliyah (immigration). Keren Hayesod is proud to welcome home 140 new immigrants arriving today from Ukraine.

 The special flight has been made possible thanks to the generosity of Christians for Israel (CVI), based in Holland and Jerusalem, and honours the group’s 40th anniversary. CVI and Keren Hayesod have a strong relationship. CVI’s leaders are recipients of the Keren Hayesod Yakir Prize. Keren Hayesod thanks CVI for their ongoing support and commitment to aliyah.

Sam Grundwerg, World Chairman of Keren Hayesod, said today that “Keren Hayesod and the State of Israel face a significant task of immigration and absorption of Jews, who come from all over the world to build a home in Israel. The flight today joins the many efforts of Israel, together with Christian for Israel, our true friends, who repeatedly demonstrate solidarity with Israeli society. We will continue to work together to advance important social goals.”

Israel’s Ambassador to Ukraine Joel Lion praised the two organizations, “If they are doing it (immigrating), it is because of you. It is because of you, Keren Hayesod, who are helping. It is because of you, CVI, who are helping.  It is a great thing, and I see how you are building the State of Israel by bringing more and more olim (new immigrants).”

The flight, organised by our strategic partner the Jewish Agency for Israel, has been coordinated according to strict guidelines and precautions due to the coronavirus. These steps will continue upon their arrival as they will be required by government regulations to quarantine for two weeks.

Keren Hayesod and our partners will be supporting the new immigrants from the moment of their arrival to ensure their successful absorption in Israel. Our national programs help to ease the transition to life in Israel and provide the tools for new immigrants to succeed here.

We congratulate CVI on this important aliyah project and, to the 140 new immigrants, we say – welcome home!

To continue supporting Aliyah and absorption

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