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The dedication of KCM gets an event

On February 18, Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM), true friends of the State of Israel and Keren Hayesod in particular, held their service regarding the current situation in Israel and their tremendous support for the people of Israel. The service was live streamed to dozens of branches across the United States. Keren Hayesod World Chairman Sam Grundwerg and Shmulik Fried, Director Friends of Israel, were guests of honour, discussing the recent changes and transformations in Israel amid the ongoing war.

On the one hand, there was a reference to the massive and concerning rise in anti-Semitism worldwide, which always increases when Israel enters a war, sometimes even posing a direct threat to the Jewish diaspora. On the other hand, comforting data was presented about a significant increase in demand for Aliyah files, indicating a substantial wave of Olim expected to arrive in Israel soon and strengthen it.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries has generously contributed to Keren Hayesod’s projects and goals, including Aliyah, for many years. This year, given the ongoing war and the heavy toll it has taken, KCM increased its donation, contributing an additional one million dollars, which were transferred through Keren Hayesod to volunteers of the ZAKA organization for what they deemed necessary to address without specifying.

To illustrate the situation, our marketing department produced a dedicated video that was screened at the event, depicting the events of October 7, the challenging repercussions, and Keren Hayesod’s activities during this period. You are invited to watch it here.

As always, Keren Hayesod expresses gratitude to KCM and appreciates its immense contribution to the Israeli community.