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Resolution Call
resolution call

Whereas on October 7, 2023, the terrorist organization Hamas invaded the State of Israel and committed a long series of horrific crimes against humanity; and

Whereas among other crimes and atrocities, the terrorist organization Hamas kidnapped about 240 people to Gaza – men and women, elderly and children; and

Whereas 134 hostages are still being held captive by Hamas for more than 140 days, in blatant and brutal violation of international humanitarian law, while denying access to the International Red Cross, without any minimal conditions and without necessary medication; and

Whereas we, the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency, which represents the Jewish people and its communities and institutions around the world, express grave concern for the safety of the hostages who are still being held captive by Hamas and believe with all our hearts in the ultimate value of redemption of captives (Pidyion Shvuyim). Our hearts and thoughts are with them at every moment, and we pray that they be reunited with their loved ones soon; and

Whereas in the wake of the October 7th slaughter and according to our Jewish value of mutual responsibility (Arvut Hadadit), we have the moral commitment of bringing them back home.


  • We demand that the international community of goodwill mobilize to achieve the humanitarian task of the immediate release of all hostages still held in Gaza and their return to the borders of the State of Israel. The international community must apply pressure where possible to ensure the return of the hostages to their families as soon as possible.
  • We call upon the Government of Israel to continue its efforts to bring about the release of the hostages and strengthen the hands of all those involved, at all levels, working for this important humanitarian goal and hope that these efforts will soon bear fruit.
  • We call on the Jewish communities and organizations around the world to continue to raise awareness of the pain of the hostages’ families and to find ways to express solidarity and support in their struggle.
  • We send our thoughts and prayers to the families of the hostages; Our prayers are also with the families of October 7th victims, both soldiers and civilians and we wish for a speedy recovery to the injured; We salute our soldiers and wish them a safe return from the critical mission of winning this painful and just war; We support our brothers and sisters who were evacuated from their homes in the South and North, and wish for the quick return of the families and communities to their homes – quietly and safely.


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