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Revitalizing Kibbutz Ein Habesor
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Kibbutz Ein Habesor
Revitalizing Israeli Communities: Ein Habesor

The Jewish Agency for Israel’s Communities2Gether program pairs war-torn Israeli communities with Jewish Diaspora communities to aid in their rehabilitation over a three-year period. It leverages existing partnerships and Jewish Agency projects (such as Masa, Youth Futures, Aliyah programs, and youth educational camps) with regional councils and municipalities while inviting Jews worldwide to contribute to the prosperous future of the region and the State of Israel.

On October 7, during the ‘Black Sabbath,’ around 40 Hamas terrorists brutally attacked the Ein Habesor settlement in the Gaza border area to kill and abduct as many residents as possible. Remarkably, the settlement’s security squad successfully repelled the assault, preventing a massacre. However, Ein Habesor suffered extensive economic damage, impacting its infrastructure, housing, and agriculture.

Keren Hayesod-UIA and The Jewish Agency are dedicated to the crucial task of rehabilitating the communities of the Gaza envelope along with other communities affected by the war. For over six months, the community members of Ein Habesor have been displaced. The bravery displayed by the settlement, and perhaps the miraculous events that unfolded, will be remembered and documented in Israel’s history. Along with The Jewish Agency for Israel, we at Keren Hayesod-UIA are committed to supporting the rehabilitation and revitalization of Ein Habesor, paving their path toward a brighter future.