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Tu BiShvat
To grow from our pain - Happy Tu Bishvat
To grow from our pain

We celebrate Tu BiShvat right at the height of winter.
When it’s dark outside, and the trees are bare after the fall and far from their peak bloom that will only come in the spring.
It’s not by chance.

We’re purposely celebrating Tu BiShvat today. At a time when *real* growth is happening.
On these days, and deep under the earth’s surface, the tree begins its cycle of growth and revitalization.
And this stage, which is hidden from view, is what we celebrate.

The focus is on the way, not just the result.
Because the process is the important thing.

And like the tree, we too, will grow out of the pain and darkness and blossom in all our beauty. We’re still on our way.
Happy Tu BiShvat.